Friday, October 31, 2008

I absolutely love this woman. Yes, it is I, the first half of Armanika. I just wanted to drop a line and say that I am married to the most beautiful, intelligent, and caring person in the world. I am so fortunate. I also hope that all of you can find your soul mate as did I. I hope this for each of you because it is the greatest feeling in the WHOLE WORLD!! I wouldn't trade it for anything. On other subjects: We are almost done with our graduate degree. Only 1.32 months to go... yes, I am counting. ALMOST THERE YET SOOOOOOOO FAR AWAY. I am also ready for a short vacation next week from work, ready for Thanksgiving, definitely ready for Christmas, ready for the vacation we are taking after graduation, and ready for our spring vacation to FL. Can you tell that I am READY for vacations? How about them Giants? So my wife knows more about sports than I, unless you are talking about Boxing, Rugby, and ping pong. Well, she may know more about them too - but back to the point. Giants are 6-1 and will be heading back to the Super Bowl... bank on it. How about them presidential candidates? OK, my wife has me there too. Actually, I know who I am voting for. Be sure to get out there and VOTE. It is an honor to have this right. Use it. Anyone out there investing these days? I know, everything has plummeted, but this is the perfect time to buy. All stocks are on sale. Just buy those that are on clearance - to be retired soon. Well, it was nice to take a small break... back to HOMEWORK! Ugh. Enjoy the day, and love to my wife.